Thursday, July 31, 2008

dug out.

i totes forgot about these skirts i made a billion years ago...saw them in the back of my closet and gave it whirl. and...umm..the hair? i have no answer. what can i say? i'm a chameleon.


thanks to everyone whose left lovely comments on this bloghole lately! i really, really appreciate all your kind words and i finally have responded to many of them...way overdue i know! oopsydoops.

Thank You!

To everyone (Jennifer, Amy, Francesca, Siriwan) who I had the lovely opportunity to include in the recent fashion feature in BUST Magazine...thankyouthankyouthankyou

I'm truly honored to have you grace the pages of the magazine as each of you are totally inspiring in your own unique ways.

Everyone else: Go buy the issue!

Monday, July 28, 2008

don't be fooled!

caution everyone! forever 21 is trying to make us believe that wearing jungle print is a good idea. they dedicated an entire section of the union square store to leopard and tiger and zebra and whatever else you can think of print. blah! no time, in my opinion, is ever a good time, to wear such prints. however! i did find this lovely, flowy skirt there the other day and while the print is very much, not a jungle print, i kind of liked it's feminine floral pattern.

tank top: target
belt: thrifted
skirt: f21
shoes: uo
necklace: birdhouse brooklyn

Tara (dactyl)

i couldn't help but post this. i was in rochester a couple weekends ago, visiting the remaining friends who still live there from college days. i stayed at the infamous house my bff adam is renting for the summer (the party house in college), think hardcore shows in the basement/kegs in the back yard/girls puking in the toilet/floors you would never dream of taking your shoes off on. many a crazy night went down in that house in college and every corner is nostalgic in some way. when we woke up saturday morning..this crazy, ridiculous, enormous, hysterical plastic dinosaur "thing" was in the living room. it was NOT there when we went to bed friday night. and there was no one else staying in the house. i don't reeeeally want to think about how it got there for fear that it would make the fact that it was, less funny. because it was outrageously funny.

Friday, July 18, 2008


i can't really express to you how uncomfortable wearing shorts makes me, and thus, the reason they rarely make an appearance on this blog. however, i just got this mustard top at h&m the other day and felt that shorts were an appropriate matching with it for some odd reason. call me crazy! but i somehow feel that the lovely siri's ability to wear them flawlessly has gotten all up in my head. this may have added to my craziness a bit too..

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Dress: vintage (given to me from dear friend, guess who?!)
Head Scarf: Laila Rowe
Oxfords: UO
Belt: Thrifted from a Salvation Army

big things..made small

i've been on vacation this week (!!!!) and that means i've had time to do a ton of stuff i've been putting off/not having time to do, which is so so satisfying. the super amazing effie gave me this dress, which was about 12 sizes too big on me. i wore it the very next day after i got it in the mail even though it was a sack on me because i loved it so much, and i've been yearning to wear it again, but not before i did some major alterations on it. i finally got a chance to take it in and i couldn't be happier a) with my altering job and b) with the fact that i got to wear it again! it really is one of the most beautiful vintage dresses i've ever seen and so very thankful to effie for sending it to me.

got my toes done up, and finger-nails poppin'

i got a manicure & pedicure today! i'm on vacation and i had gift certificate...that's about all that needs to be said about that.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Vintage Items in the Store!

As previously promised, I added some more items to my store (including that amazing handbag that i wore with that yellow Tulle dress a few weeks ago!). Fingers-crossed, i'll keep up with this! Yay!

New Stuff!

i finally got my act i've been promising for a ridiculous long time! I added some of my hand-made headbands to my store! And since I'm on this hot-streak, i'm adding more items with a vengeance! (Stay tuned!)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

blog back-log

i've been a very bad blogger lately, so i'm playing catch up and posting 2 outfit shots in one post!

sunnies: payless (who woulda thunk?)
camisole: gap
skirt: thrifted
shoes: uo
bag: street vendor

dress: filene's basement $20!!
belt: thrifted
shoes: natural comfort via
face: whoa uglytown

love at first sight.

remember a bunch of posts back i was hunting for a pair of wedges i could call my own? mission accomplished! i found these babies on zappos but they were all sold out of my size so i searched for them at and found them for $20 less! score! best part....? they're made by Natural Comfort, which if you've ever had a pair on you know how heavenly they are. Like walking on clouds.