Saturday, March 29, 2008

so... buttons!

everyone knows how much i love ebay! and my latest obsession hasn't been shoes or belts or blouses (shocker there, i know!) but...buttons! i've been churning out new items for the store for a huge spring re-stock i plan to do in a couple weeks (check back soon for that update!!) i guess i knew you could find anything on the bay of e's but when i shop for vintage, it tends to be clothing or accessories already constructed and previously loved, but much to my surprise i've found loads and loads of beautiful vintage buttons for auction. And the best part: they're cheap! New buttons tend to run about $4 for a matching pair these days and i've been finding mixed and matched lots on ebay for less than $10 for 100 buttons and more! I smell a new obsession...

the long and short of it

lately, i've been very inspired by the impossibly stylish wardrobe-remixer, the snail and the cyclops. her looks are effortless and if i had to guess, she probably shops as frequently, if not more, than me. which is an outlandish task! anyway, i came across this look on her flickr page the other day and today's outfit is inspired by it. way to work a pair of high-waisted shorts lady! i only wish i had your thin, little figure :/

Thursday, March 27, 2008

today's key word: skirt

i tried desperately and unsuccessfully to take a good picture of this flyer for a vintage show i went to today at City Opera Thrift Shop, but wanted to share it because i thought it was lovely. the show itself was about as successful as my poor picture taking abilities. mostly overpriced high-end couture and rich housewife types..not for me. i considered buying a big fabric bow with purple stripes for $5, but decided against it because why would i buy a fabric bow when i have the means and skill to easily craft one myself if i need such things? but i don't, so i feel my decision was warranted. but i had to make my venture to 23rd street worth it, so luck struck when i discovered a goodwill next store. and skirt must be the word of the day because not only did i sip (and by sip i mean down 3 in approx. 15 minutes) a fabulous cocktail called "the swaying skirt" but i also thrifted these great skirts! i realize now that the latter needs a little ironing, but i'm happy with my finds, none the less.

left photo:
scarf: h&m
blouse: f21
skirt: just thrifted!
shoes: jeffrey campbell

right photo:
knit beret: wet seal
scarf: vintage
belt: vintage
skirt: just thrifted!
shoes: aerosoles

channeling my inner child

remember these pretty little things? they arrived yesterday from ebay and couldn't wait a second to wear them. i'm totally smitten. however, the comments i received about them today were...questionable?

1) "you look like alice in wonderland today!"
2) "from the waist down, you could be 6 years old!"

well, i refuse to see that as a bad thing. i did big girl things, like to work, and drink yummy cocktails at our pop-up happy hour party so that must mean i am one right? plus, who cares, these adorable little t-straps are too cute to be reserved just for little girls!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

drunky brewster

blouse: thrifted
necklaces: thrifted
skirt: uo
tights: do i ever know?
shoes: aldo

it was emily, our managing editor at BUST's birthday today (she turned tres tres)! So i went out with the BUST gals after work, and drank this amazing concoction called Pang's Punch (and by amazing, i mean totally toxic and alcohol-laden!). Best part: it was bright blue and made a-glow with a floating glowstick inside! If i had to guess, there was probably at least 3 different types of rum in it. Cripes! Either way, this is what I wore.

blouse: thrifted
skirt: for the republic
tights: no idea, i've had them forever
shoes: aldo

i've had incredible good thrifting luck lately. i've been inspired by Ranna's great blouses and found this one at Beacon's Closet the other day, which had me totally smitten and reminds me of something she would wear. Plus, it was marked "As Is" signaling that it was defective in some way...but i couldn't find a thing wrong with it. In other news, I think i finally mastered how to take, at least decent, pictures with my self-timer. Hooray!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

happy late easter!

dress: thrifted
belt: thrifted
tights: no idea
shoes: aldo

i haven't posted for a few days because of easer...happy, happy by the way! no matter what your thoughts are on a holiday to celebrate a guy who rose from the dead and ascended into heaven, what could be better than a morning where guaranteed candy is waiting for you, in pretty baskets, as soon as you wake up? and it doesn't matter that i've completely outgrown the holiday, i still get just as excited as when i was 2. you're as old as you feel, right? well, moreover, i also love the wonderous, and often hideous beauty of easter sunday attire. big hats, matching mother-daughter outfits, and boys in ill-fitting suits. i'm always tempted to bring my camera to church to document the goodness, but I reluctantly leave it home, to save face. But attending easter sunday mass, is just a little more entertaining than usual because of the madness. i splurged on these pretty little things (shoes) just before the big day, and couldn't wait to don them. i can't think of a better occasion.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

over and out

cardigan: thrifted
jumper: american apparel via buffalo exchange
belt: thrifted
tights: no idea
granny boots: thrifted

i've recently been trying to grow my vintage belt collection and i picked this one up in a great little vintage store in austin. and p.s. i tried sushi today for the first time ever! so this will forever be known as the outfit i took the figurative plunge in.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

t is for t-strap

can't wait for these babies to arrive in the mail from ebay! i've been on the hunt for some t-strap shoes here for a while now, and these are just too cute for words.

ace of capes

as you know, my biggest girly crush is rachel bilson. and while recently scouring the interweb for pictures of her (yes i do that) for style inspiration (and pure enjoyment), i stumbled upon her in this adorable little capelet. i admittedly have avoided capes and capelets...because, well, i think they are a passing trend. but if rachel makes it look this cute, hell, why wouldn't i? so of course, i proceeded forth and found this little gem at buffalo exchange. its a little big on me, but i think it's ok since it's intended for a flouncier silhouette. plus, the price tag said $30 and it rang up $15! looooove it when that happens. score!

p.s. she looks so happy and i look like a sourpuss. why? no clue.

fair-feather friend

i've recently found myself obsessed with feathers, buying up whatever i can get my hands on with reckless abandon. it's nothing short of a miracle that i even managed to get myself out of bed yesterday, let alone dressed, having spent 4 crazy days in austin partying myself silly. but even amongst all the festivities and goings on, i couldn't let the shopaholic inside me go through withdrawal, so i managed to squeeze a few good thrifting hours out of the trip. Amongst the goods I scored, was this amazing feather necklace (although it's admittedly not thrifted, as much as i wish i could say it was). Aren't they like the most beautiful feathers you ever saw? Swoon.

feather necklace: urban outfitters
blouse: f21 (looks pretty vintage though right?)
skirt: h&m
shoes: the new love of my life

what? you thought i wouldn't?

remember these beauties that i recently drooled over in this post? well, when i said perhaps i'll make them mind..i should have said i WILL make them mine. because i did. and i couldn't be happier. i think i'm in love...

Monday, March 17, 2008

I heart Rachel Bilson.

Surprisingly, i haven't posted about Rachel Bilson yet. It's surprising because I adore her. I mean, just look at her! Numero uno style crush! She's most definitely a style icon and I admittedly surf her fan websites just for style inspiration. So, happy was I when I heard she just signed a deal with DKNY to design her own line. And it's lookin' pretty cute, ya'll. Plus, what i love most is that it's completely accessable! All the pieces will range from $19.50 to $49.50. Not too shabby! Read more here and check out a few of looks below.


i just got back from SXSW in Austin! And it was amazing..good times, good bands, good weather, good beer! Plus the BUST party was a hit, lots o ladies and gents came out and we had a great time. This is me in the cab on my way to the hotel just after i landed.

this was quite possibly one of the coolest shows i've evs been to. it was at some crazy farm with chickens and a goat and a garden and all these crazy relics everywhere. the sound was terrible, but sitting in the sun all day watching awesome bands play on this awesome farm was incredible. among the highlights were Trainwreck Riders, Peggy Sue and the Pirates, and the amazing Two Gallants.

plus, there was this pond.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mixin' it up

top: gadzooks
skirt: h&m
tights: xhilaration (via target)
shoes: bakers
headband: f21
necklaces: ornamental things

i'm leaving for SXSW tomorrow! yay!! and yet, i still look like i'm gonna rip your face off in this picture..i'm really not angry at all. quite the contrary actually. i probs won't be able to post much, if not at all for the next few i'll be shakin' that thang in austin with what i expect to be a sea of beautiful bearded boys. but stay tuned for lots of pics to share when i return : )

Not so much.

Not diggin' this look so much. I don't get it! It looks like the designer had some extra fabric while draping the dress on the dress form and didn't know what to do with it. so he just threw it up over the shoulder and sewed it into the neckline. eck! Plus, it's not flattering to just have an extra flap like that danging around your body, doesn't make a nice silouette. boo on this one.

Yellow, Operator!

I just figured out how to do this with my camera in a random bout of stupidity. but now i'm kind glad that i did because i think it looks cool.

p.s. that yellow dress has been hanging there since New Year's day. i hung it there when i took it off after all-night festivities the night before, which resulted in various liquid spillage all over the front. there it hangs, still, waiting to be dry-cleaned. poor thing...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


whoa! i saw this girl on

and it totally made me think of this girl...

(taylor momsen's character on gossip girl, jenny)

maybe it's just all the plaid and those cute little golf hats. yes, no, maybe so?


as magazines go...there ain't nothing better than BUST! and working there is just peachy. so few other mags have what it takes to make my heart go pitter-patter, but this little gem takes the cake. pure, unadulterated, adorableness oozing out of every page. it doesn't get much better than this folks...N.E.E.T., i bow to you.

Orange you glad...?

dress: H&M
knit beret: Wet Seal
tights: Xhilaration for Target
granny boots: thrifted via ebay

i do legs look a little tree-trunkular when i wear these boots with tights...but i don't have much of an ankle. so all bets are off. and i always get the most amusing glances on the street when i wear this bright color that it's totally worth it!

Monday, March 10, 2008


I can't get enough of your love, baby.

Suede you look

I've been drooling over these beauties at Urban Outfitters for months now, but I hate forking over so many dollops (a steep $58) for shoes that look like sweet vintage finds, but who really are fresh off the conveyor belt. But $19.99 is quite a different story! So happy was I when I just discovered they went on sale! Perhaps I shall make them mine.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Hello Lovelies!

dress: forever 21
forest green tights: hue
boots: wanted
necklace + earrings: thrifted
freedom scarf: street vendor

Post numero uno (starting it off simple):
I've had a blog section of my website for years, but because of lack of time and a general laziness, I've ignored it. But I've recently been inspired to enter back into the blogosphere and start a style blog! Check back often for little ditties related to cute clothes and thrift-store finds plus whatever else I feel like. Cheers!