Thursday, March 27, 2008

channeling my inner child

remember these pretty little things? they arrived yesterday from ebay and couldn't wait a second to wear them. i'm totally smitten. however, the comments i received about them today were...questionable?

1) "you look like alice in wonderland today!"
2) "from the waist down, you could be 6 years old!"

well, i refuse to see that as a bad thing. i did big girl things, like to work, and drink yummy cocktails at our pop-up happy hour party so that must mean i am one right? plus, who cares, these adorable little t-straps are too cute to be reserved just for little girls!

1 comment:

my love for you. said...

i have that top! lately it's been just sitting in my suitcase that i have been unable to pack from my trip to sf about oh a month ago! makes me want to grab it and put it on. you look adorable!

love that you picked sherbert tone from WR...LOVE her.