Wednesday, March 19, 2008

ace of capes

as you know, my biggest girly crush is rachel bilson. and while recently scouring the interweb for pictures of her (yes i do that) for style inspiration (and pure enjoyment), i stumbled upon her in this adorable little capelet. i admittedly have avoided capes and capelets...because, well, i think they are a passing trend. but if rachel makes it look this cute, hell, why wouldn't i? so of course, i proceeded forth and found this little gem at buffalo exchange. its a little big on me, but i think it's ok since it's intended for a flouncier silhouette. plus, the price tag said $30 and it rang up $15! looooove it when that happens. score!

p.s. she looks so happy and i look like a sourpuss. why? no clue.

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