Thursday, March 27, 2008

today's key word: skirt

i tried desperately and unsuccessfully to take a good picture of this flyer for a vintage show i went to today at City Opera Thrift Shop, but wanted to share it because i thought it was lovely. the show itself was about as successful as my poor picture taking abilities. mostly overpriced high-end couture and rich housewife types..not for me. i considered buying a big fabric bow with purple stripes for $5, but decided against it because why would i buy a fabric bow when i have the means and skill to easily craft one myself if i need such things? but i don't, so i feel my decision was warranted. but i had to make my venture to 23rd street worth it, so luck struck when i discovered a goodwill next store. and skirt must be the word of the day because not only did i sip (and by sip i mean down 3 in approx. 15 minutes) a fabulous cocktail called "the swaying skirt" but i also thrifted these great skirts! i realize now that the latter needs a little ironing, but i'm happy with my finds, none the less.

left photo:
scarf: h&m
blouse: f21
skirt: just thrifted!
shoes: jeffrey campbell

right photo:
knit beret: wet seal
scarf: vintage
belt: vintage
skirt: just thrifted!
shoes: aerosoles


highwaisted said...

where has this blog been?!

xo, tara said...

hey thanks doll, it's fairly new! and thanks for commenting!