Thursday, June 26, 2008

new things!

i haven't been buying as much new stuff lately as i usually am, which could either be a really good thing (for my wallet) or a really bad thing (for my ever-expanding closet). but 2 new things worth mentioning is this yellow bag i bought for a street vendor ( the color is what sold me), which will be awesome for the extra crap i carry around with me in the summer months, i.e. sunglasses, umbrella, change of shoes for when i wear hurty heels. Annnnd, my new fave thing of the moment...this totally awesome super amazing bracelet! i was at Fringe Salon having a consultation about hair extensions (that's a story for a different time!!), and sometimes they have local jewelery artist's wares for sale there, and low and behold this beauty, among other lovely pieces made of old spoons and forks and coins and bones and trinkets of all kinds snatched up my attention. i bought this guy with an old key, an old coin, an old gage, and some tiny pearls. be still my heart, i love it so.

au femme

recently, miss sally jane posted about her fascination with really feminine pink's and i must say i'm diving head first into all things ultra-femme lately, pink not excluded. but i've been finding myself gravitating to really feminine color pallettes and styles. i never ever ever go into the Gap, but while Verizon was holding my blackberry hostage for service and i had 15 minutes to kill, i wandered into the store next door. i ended up buying a few pretty, basic tank tops and this silk camisole, which i love.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


i think it's safe to say the this week has been the official worst week ever. i've worked an ungodly amount of hours in the office and my brain is literally mush as a result. but moreover, i've also officially sucked at posting lately. but i'm not going to apologize this time (cause really, what good does that do anybody?). it has been a good long time though and i've missed it. i'm re-entering posting-ville(?) will a vengeance with one of my fave new items in the big wide world. i was lucky enough to work on a fashion story in the new ish of BUST (hits stands in mid july) and include some of the ultimate aces (some of my faves and yours) at this whole style blogging community and my excitement levels hit all time highs!!! but more on that later when the issue comes out, but long story short...i used this AMAZING yellow dress from Tulle, and tada, they let me keep it!! Scoooooooore! Plus, we all know that everything that miss super awesome amazing effie puts on her tiny body is nothing short of perfection, and simply was aching for a pair of brown oxfords like her beloved pair. After a not-so-successful run at scoring some on ebay (the pair i got was just a size too small and i sold them at the brooklyn flea market last sunday), i elected to order these that i saw at UO. we all share the same hatred for over-priced, mass-produced UO merchandise, but in this case if it's wrong, i don't want to be right because i'm simply in love with these shoes. the handbag is vintage and will go up in the store as soon as i get my act together and make that happen...soon, soon, promise! but in the meantime, i had a hard time letting it sit and collect dust.
p.s. i took my cue from miss sally jane and worked some photoshop magic on this pic, doesn't everything look better vintage?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

boot scootin' boogie?

are cowboy boots totally out? not that i care really...i will still wear mine. but i realized you don't see 'em much anymore. and now that i think of it, i bought these 3 years ago! whoa.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

will you go out with me? circle yes or no.

should I or shouldn't I? i can't decide. i've been thinking that i want a good pair of really feminine wedges for the summer. i'm a sucker for comfort, so i tend to lean towards flats all the time. but i always think i look stumpy with my short, little legs. mabe i could use a leg illusion? anyway, these are really lovely (thanks charlotte ronson!), but priiiiicey. not sure if i should take the plunge or not. anyone spot any awesome wedges lately that might not break the bank? be sure to let me know if you do.


this lack of posting happening lately is total lamesauce. know that it pains me to be so absent.

not that it makes up for it in any way, but here's an outfit from like, a week ago..
that skirt that i love ever so much, i thrifted and shortened. the necklace i bought from the lovely Siri of Treehouse Brooklyn. You can find her awesome creations at Renegade this weekend where Effie (!!!!!) and I will be perusing the merchandise in total bliss.
p.s. that armoire you see behind me, i bought for $35 at a junk shop and painted. it's like my new fave thing: )

i am not dead...yet

could it be any hotter? i'm meellllltttttttting....

sunnies: super
dress: f21
shoes: kmart

Friday, June 6, 2008

what! what?


find me on pg. 144 in the new issue of NEET Magazine if you dare!

models hangin' out

Sorry guys for my lack of posting. I credit my blogging dryspell to being so crazy busy it's ridic. if i had time to breath, maybe i'd have time to blog! hang in with me though!

In other news, i had the chance to be on set while we (BUST) shot Leah, the lovely gal behind the clothing line, Married to the Mob. She had this awesome lips couch that we used for the set and the photographer snapped this pic of me standing in while he set up lights. Everything in the shot is just too ironic, i had to post it.