Thursday, June 26, 2008

new things!

i haven't been buying as much new stuff lately as i usually am, which could either be a really good thing (for my wallet) or a really bad thing (for my ever-expanding closet). but 2 new things worth mentioning is this yellow bag i bought for a street vendor ( the color is what sold me), which will be awesome for the extra crap i carry around with me in the summer months, i.e. sunglasses, umbrella, change of shoes for when i wear hurty heels. Annnnd, my new fave thing of the moment...this totally awesome super amazing bracelet! i was at Fringe Salon having a consultation about hair extensions (that's a story for a different time!!), and sometimes they have local jewelery artist's wares for sale there, and low and behold this beauty, among other lovely pieces made of old spoons and forks and coins and bones and trinkets of all kinds snatched up my attention. i bought this guy with an old key, an old coin, an old gage, and some tiny pearls. be still my heart, i love it so.


Effie said...

I've been thinking about going the hair extension route for way tooo long. We need to have a little chat! a. because i want to hear your thoughts/criticisms b. because i haven't talked to you in FOREVER!

Emily said...

I love the bracelet!