Tuesday, June 10, 2008


this lack of posting happening lately is total lamesauce. know that it pains me to be so absent.

not that it makes up for it in any way, but here's an outfit from like, a week ago..
that skirt that i love ever so much, i thrifted and shortened. the necklace i bought from the lovely Siri of Treehouse Brooklyn. You can find her awesome creations at Renegade this weekend where Effie (!!!!!) and I will be perusing the merchandise in total bliss.
p.s. that armoire you see behind me, i bought for $35 at a junk shop and painted. it's like my new fave thing: )


Sam said...

Oh my gosh, I want your skirt! It's so cute! It looks really good on you

Sally Jane said...

I wish I could come hang out with you and Effie! Sounds like fun. :)