Wednesday, August 27, 2008


omgomgomgomg 5 dayyyyyyyyys!!!

no no miu miu

Yep, uh huh, i did it. i broke my shopping detention and bought these Faryl Robin shoes and they're nothing short of magical. somewhere between something dainty and feminine that Alix would wear and something Elizabeth would call bonkerstown. i love 'em. and i can't wait to wear them with crazy bright tights!

I <3 Frankie

guess what fiiiiinally arrived??? YES. my wish came true and my new super-awesome BFF Anastasia sent me a little package all the way from down under! GAH! I can hardly stand my excitement. Among it's contents was the magazine, of course, as well as this cute little wallet/clutch and a quirky and adorable pin with a fly on it. *gush*

and can i just say...i can totally and completely stand by my proclamation that Frankie IS the only magazine that i can totally devour (besides BUST of course), in all it's awesomeness. I seriously read...every...word.

even the editor's letter was nothing short of genius! a fashion story with the most adorable opener i've ever seen with stocking's taped to a wall called pippi longstocking (oh, nostalgic pangs of youth). and among it's pages was one woman's short rant about only appreciating other people's kids from afar and the feeling that becoming impregnated with child would be the worst kiss of death (which i totally and completely could relate to and could not have written better myself). dont get me wrong, no judgement for any woman who yearns to be a mother, motherhood is just not my cup of tea, and would never wish that upon myself...just a personal choice. and it was nice and refreshing to see that perspective written about. plus! across from it was this totally funny article about how people are judged by their bookshelves. it was brilliant. AND, they featured an artist (as they do in each issue), this time was Rob Ryan, who does these amazing pieces totally made of paper cuts and included was a super awesome art poster of his work, which i promptly hung on my wall with the others. ok, done gushing..

*p.s. thankyouthankyouthankyou to all of the other lovely gals who offered to send me the mag! you are all so very sweet!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I kind of got dressed today...

bleh! i'm so sick of my clothes! this morning was one of those days where a big heap of clothing ended up piled on my bed, all discarded options that i put on and then decided i hated and took off and threw on the bed. i hate those mornings! and i think they're happening more and more because i have put myself in shopping detention and haven't bought anything new in wayyyy too long. i'm surprised i'm not in a deep depression to be honest with you. but at least i made an attempt at putting on something halfway decent today!

and the vintage photo effect makes it look 3948394 times purdier.

i'm gonna go on a mega shopping spree reeeeeeal soon. i feel it coming...lord help me.

Monday, August 18, 2008


i credit my blogging hiatus to a total sense of blah. all the summer-lovers can hate if they want to..i'm so totally sick of summer!! And i know i'm not the only one. it seems like a lot of other fellow bloggers are saying the same thing. i just hate sweating..a lot! layering is totally out in the scarfs or cardigans or knit tights! so i've just been throwing on a lot of nothing lately (like above). Nothing special huh? Yeah, i don't think so either. Jeez, i can't even motivate myself to take decent outfit photos. *siiiiigh.

curent hair status: curly

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Girl Crush!

My favoritest girl crush on Project Runway is most definitely this one. I mean, come on, have you ever seen more perfection in rockabilly hair? puuuuleaaaase.

why oh why?

why oh why are there only 1 pair of these beautiful shoes left on the earth (of which are not my size)?????? I....NEED......THEM!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

doctor, doctor!

one of the many perks of working in magazines, is the free stuff. and since doc martens is sponsoring our big 15 year anniversary party next tuesday (which if you live in the nyc area, stop what you're doing and go buy a ticket now!), we're getting hooked up with some new kicks. while perusing their site today to pick out my pair i came across these:

i've seen other chicks rock these flowered doc martens (well, i mind you) and i often have envy pangs for those who can pull them off. i wish i had enough bad-assery to wear them confidently, but sadly i just don't. so instead, i settled on these:

not your typical idea of a doc marten, but a little bit more my style. is it fall yettttttt???


grandmas's are good for so many things..among them..hand-me-downs! i beg my grandma every time i visit her house to let me go up in the attic and dig through all the wonderful things i know i'll find up there. knowing my love for vintage findings, last time i saw her, she had put together a little package of all her old, vintage belongings that she thought i would enjoy. SHE HAD 349239052035923 PAIRS OF GLOVES! she must have loved gloves. they are all so beautiful and each with it's own delicate embellishment or detail (i especially love the ruffled ones!). oh how i wish it was the 40s and 50s again, so we could all wear pretty gloves again. i don't know what i would do with all these gloves though, i may keep a couple pairs for myself (maybe even hang 'em on my friggin wall!) but i will most likely sell the rest. so keep posted, they'll most likely go up in the store within the next week or so!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

plea to my australian readers!!!

Dear lovely Aussie friends,
I have been o-b-s-e-s-s-e-d with this magazine ever since a little, Australian intern brought it to my attention last year. She is long-gone and US news stands do not carry it. This makes me oh-so-sad. I will be forever yours if I could do some sort of exchange with someone so that i could receive it in my mailbox.
Yours truly,

credit, where credit is due...

i CAN-NOT believe that this post has never been made on it is long overdue. but i'm a believer in shining light where light should be shone, and this chickedy needs mentioning! miss brilliantlyfunnysnarkmasta extroidinaire, elizabeth, the brains behind my most favoritest blog of all time, white lightning is beyond fabulous and i just can't stand it anymore. there are only a few blogs that i have the time (and energy) to visit on a daily basis, but for the 20 minutes or so that i allow myself, upon first sitting down at my desk in the morning, to dedicate to reading blogs over chai lattes, her's is a mainstay. not only does she foolishly obsess over project runway and chuck from gossip girl as much as i do, she is by far the funniest and wittiest (without trying) chick i have ever come across. every post is laced with the most hilarious self-made abbreviations of words not normally abbreviated, and their orchestrated in such a way that i just can't help myself from secretly wishing i was as effortlessly cool as her. "ooopsydoops" has even (oh-so-innocently) made it into some recent posts, which i kind of feel terrible about, because i noticed recently that she put a little note up on her blog about stealing her intellectual property (is the use of oopsydoops stealing intellectual property? 'cause it only made it into made it into my vocabulary in the most innocent way possible like when you start hanging out with the new Australian kid at school and start talking with a strange aussie accent for no reason at all). bottom line, my infatuation with her quirkiness is out of control and needed to be let out into the blogosphere for everyone and anyone. elizabeth, if you're reading..i bow to you.

picture stolen from white lightning!