Tuesday, August 5, 2008

credit, where credit is due...

i CAN-NOT believe that this post has never been made on here..as it is long overdue. but i'm a believer in shining light where light should be shone, and this chickedy needs mentioning! miss brilliantlyfunnysnarkmasta extroidinaire, elizabeth, the brains behind my most favoritest blog of all time, white lightning is beyond fabulous and i just can't stand it anymore. there are only a few blogs that i have the time (and energy) to visit on a daily basis, but for the 20 minutes or so that i allow myself, upon first sitting down at my desk in the morning, to dedicate to reading blogs over chai lattes, her's is a mainstay. not only does she foolishly obsess over project runway and chuck from gossip girl as much as i do, she is by far the funniest and wittiest (without trying) chick i have ever come across. every post is laced with the most hilarious self-made abbreviations of words not normally abbreviated, and their orchestrated in such a way that i just can't help myself from secretly wishing i was as effortlessly cool as her. "ooopsydoops" has even (oh-so-innocently) made it into some recent posts, which i kind of feel terrible about, because i noticed recently that she put a little note up on her blog about stealing her intellectual property (is the use of oopsydoops stealing intellectual property? 'cause it only made it into made it into my vocabulary in the most innocent way possible like when you start hanging out with the new Australian kid at school and start talking with a strange aussie accent for no reason at all). bottom line, my infatuation with her quirkiness is out of control and needed to be let out into the blogosphere for everyone and anyone. elizabeth, if you're reading..i bow to you.

picture stolen from white lightning!


kirrily said...

Hello I live in Melbourne, Australia.
What did you have in mind?

elizabeth said...


too much niceness, stop! thank you!!!!

honest, i put up the disclaimer because a YOUNG GAL (who comments on my site!) decided to ummm BORROW multiple things from my site as her own. pics, words, tags (huh?), etc and i am not even linked. BUSTED. and it made me so mad. but what can you do? the disclamer made me feel better.

that and deleting all her comments.

i love your blog, it's only hearts from me for you.


elizabeth said...

AND i read you everyday, you need to post more, naught naughty.

ALSO, i am not so cool.

also ALSO, can you gimme some tipz on makin skirts? i have been trying all weekend and they are like, dumpy mcloserville style. help me?