Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I <3 Frankie

guess what fiiiiinally arrived??? YES. my wish came true and my new super-awesome BFF Anastasia sent me a little package all the way from down under! GAH! I can hardly stand my excitement. Among it's contents was the magazine, of course, as well as this cute little wallet/clutch and a quirky and adorable pin with a fly on it. *gush*

and can i just say...i can totally and completely stand by my proclamation that Frankie IS the only magazine that i can totally devour (besides BUST of course), in all it's awesomeness. I seriously read...every...word.

even the editor's letter was nothing short of genius! a fashion story with the most adorable opener i've ever seen with stocking's taped to a wall called pippi longstocking (oh, nostalgic pangs of youth). and among it's pages was one woman's short rant about only appreciating other people's kids from afar and the feeling that becoming impregnated with child would be the worst kiss of death (which i totally and completely could relate to and could not have written better myself). dont get me wrong, no judgement for any woman who yearns to be a mother, motherhood is just not my cup of tea, and would never wish that upon myself...just a personal choice. and it was nice and refreshing to see that perspective written about. plus! across from it was this totally funny article about how people are judged by their bookshelves. it was brilliant. AND, they featured an artist (as they do in each issue), this time was Rob Ryan, who does these amazing pieces totally made of paper cuts and included was a super awesome art poster of his work, which i promptly hung on my wall with the others. ok, done gushing..

*p.s. thankyouthankyouthankyou to all of the other lovely gals who offered to send me the mag! you are all so very sweet!


Anastasia said...

WOO! so glad you liked them hun!

Anonymous said...

Surprises are alway the best!

loou said...

i love that magazine too, and your blog is too cute.