Wednesday, August 6, 2008


grandmas's are good for so many things..among them..hand-me-downs! i beg my grandma every time i visit her house to let me go up in the attic and dig through all the wonderful things i know i'll find up there. knowing my love for vintage findings, last time i saw her, she had put together a little package of all her old, vintage belongings that she thought i would enjoy. SHE HAD 349239052035923 PAIRS OF GLOVES! she must have loved gloves. they are all so beautiful and each with it's own delicate embellishment or detail (i especially love the ruffled ones!). oh how i wish it was the 40s and 50s again, so we could all wear pretty gloves again. i don't know what i would do with all these gloves though, i may keep a couple pairs for myself (maybe even hang 'em on my friggin wall!) but i will most likely sell the rest. so keep posted, they'll most likely go up in the store within the next week or so!


vallmovild said...

you lucky girl! I could die to be in her attic. and all those gloves are so beautiful. I think my favourite pair is the white ones in the left corner.

Sally Jane said...

What a wonderful collection. And even more special because they belonged to your grandmother. I've been picking up vintage gloves at thrift stores whenever I see them. I'm looking forward to trying to pull them off this fall. We'll see!