Wednesday, August 6, 2008

doctor, doctor!

one of the many perks of working in magazines, is the free stuff. and since doc martens is sponsoring our big 15 year anniversary party next tuesday (which if you live in the nyc area, stop what you're doing and go buy a ticket now!), we're getting hooked up with some new kicks. while perusing their site today to pick out my pair i came across these:

i've seen other chicks rock these flowered doc martens (well, i mind you) and i often have envy pangs for those who can pull them off. i wish i had enough bad-assery to wear them confidently, but sadly i just don't. so instead, i settled on these:

not your typical idea of a doc marten, but a little bit more my style. is it fall yettttttt???


Jimena said...

oh my god. DM + flowers... I have died and gone to heaven.

Anonymous said...

I just visited your blog for the very first time and I adore all your beautiful dresses and skirts. You look lovely in them!

msaims said...

you so lucky!!!

btw i agree with anon.
very cute.

Finding Sören said...

This is the first time we visit your blog and we just wanted to tell you how cute your skirts and dresses are!
Would you mind if we added you in our 'Worth visiting' list?

Carla & Neila

Spandexpony said...

I think they're a gorgeous alternative! And much easier to wear!