Saturday, October 4, 2008

Edie Rose

Has everyone checked out Rachel Bilson's new line, Edie Rose?

She is adorbz as usual.

My Boyfriend.

So i've been away for wayyy too long. i know. And i have so many TV moments to catch up on (including GG of course!). Which pretty much sums up what i've been doing with my life lately...all my fall shows are back on and i'm in a total tizzy. lame, i know. but true. As to not pretend this is a TV blog (cause it's not!) here's a quick round-up, with notes of course:

Sundays are for Brothers & Sisters and Mad Men, of course! Thank God for DVR! I literally almost DIED at the end of last episode of Mad Men! SPOILER ALERT--what the HELL is my boyfriend Roger, the silver fox, doing? His heart belongs to JOAN!!

Mondays are for um, Gossip Girl, duh. Which, by the way, is getting crazy in EPIC porportions. Favorite moment for last episode? Hearing the words "Charlie Trout." I almost peepeed in my panties!!! hahaha. And umm, on that note. Can we just for one second talk about this:

um, O-face.

Tuesdays are for catching up on Californication, which I have to watch online, since I don't have Showtime. David Duchovony is a total sex freak..but i'm totally charmed by him in some sick twisted way. But my FAVE part of the show? This girl who plays his daughter on the show:

I can only WISH that I was as cool at her age.

Wednesdays are for Project Runway and Pushing Daisies. Two words: Kenley cracked.

Her last creation? Truuuuuuly heinous. I'm now pulling for Jerell. Although, in brighter news, I would like to elect Chuck from Pushing Daisies as the cuuuuuuuutest girl on the planet:

i mean, c'mon. you know you agree!

Thursdays are for Grey's Anatomy, which quite frankly has become a snoozefest. I fear for it, i really do. I'll keep watchin' though. Cause i'm that loyal.

Fridays and Saturdays are for going out. I'm not THAT lame guys. Ok, enough about TV.

Hooray for Boots!

It's fall guys..that means i've been wearing boots with a vengeance and loving every second of it. I'm really, really broke right now (i credit my lack of posting to my lack of buying), so i've been in shopping detention. sad face. but i did treat myself to these in brown:

can't WAIT till they arrive!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

GG from last night..

ok, for realz guys. what IS the uniform at this god-forsaken upper eastside school? does it consist of ANY white shirt, ANY black OR plaid skirt, and ANY tie or something resembling a tie around your neck in ANY fashion you prefer? i mean, just sayin.

and i stay true to my previous statement: blair consistently blows serena out of the water with her school (and otherwise) attire. i mean, can we all just observe this in all it's glory:

p.s. i was reading some shitty article in people about the wardrobe closet on set and i almost fell off my elyptical at the gym. serena has worn a pair of Ferragamo boots that were $65,000 on the show and at any given moment there are 200 headbands to top of blair's look! and that's just the tip of the extremely high-end fashion icerberg. at that, i am speechless.

look familiar?

remember this adorbz dress from the peter pan collar page i did in BUST? well, the AMAZING Bianca, the brilliant designer behind Dear Creatures let me keep it! And i've been waiting and waiting and waiting to wear it cause it's a little heavy and definitely a fall dress. But i just couldn't stand it anymore, i had to wear it IS fall now right? plus, white tights and oxford heels..yes, please.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Urban Outfitters is the devil.

that store owns my soul. scooped this up there (gold nautical buttons!!!) on my 3rd visit this week! it's getting out of hand.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Color me Marc.

i said i was gonna do it. and i did.

i opted for a slighly different silouette, a cap sleeve (more approps for fall), and obvs i used a mustard/white duotone rather than the red. again, more fall and more my color.

more pics tomorrow when i'm wearing it....

i couldn't wait to share!

i wore it today! here's a pic!

it had a tendency to bunch a bit. but that's the life of not so skinny person. what can i say? i'm not stick or mannequin-like.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

GG recap! Episode 3

Ok, wow. Of course my anticipation for last night's episode was EPIC. Some thoughts..

1. this whole story line..SNORE. when is this horrible woman getting kicked to the curb? i can't stand the whole thing. nate as a gigolobitch? me no think so.

2. Even a high Chuck is a sexy Chuck.

3. oh chuck, please do this to me over and over and over? Preferably wearing that headband! Blair how could you resist him??

4. Well, i guess you couldn't. But guys, Chuck's REAL British accent was spoken!! Instant panty remover if you ask me. How could you want anything else after this?? Douchebag Beaton ruined the moment. DAMN him! I thought i was gonna get to see Chuck naked.

Ok, i've reached unhealthy limits of insanity.


IT'S TIME. it's time guys! TIGHTS!!!

i felt the fall breezes this morning and decided i could wait no longer. i had to break out the tights for the first time. and i didn't regret it. it was the BEST fall day today in ny. and it did my heart so much good.

is it weird that it's cool enough to wear tights but warm enough to wear a tank top? I DON'T CARE. i did it.

AAAAAAND. it afforded me the chance to break these out as well:

gray shoe booties from AEROSOLES! yeah, they totes stepped it up with their fall collection. and of course, they are SO comfortable. i bought them about 2 weeks ago and have been waiting and waiting to wear them. they kind of remind me of the Chloe ones Alix wears but 4958094358 times cheaper i'm sure.

Monday, September 15, 2008

mamma mia!

ok. not the best movie i've ever seen in my life. pierce brosnan needs to stick to 007. for realz.


i fell. in. love. with the interiors and greek architecture and textiles and oh the views. the most ridiculously beautiful views. most that very theatre for which i watched said movie...began my love affair with that BEDSPREAD. it's been weighing on my mind like an old boyfriend. i want. i NEED to have it.

all it is really is redwork on muslin. does anyone live in greece and see these type of tapestries and textiles in the markets? i would imagine these type of textiles would turn up in middle eastern countries or mexico or somewhere so much cooler than damn america.

as if i didn't want to go to greece badly enough as it is...i feel summoned to go forth and find this bedspread....wherever it lives.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Stick Figure.

Feeling very accomplished guys..
I have ALWAYS wanted a dress form for forevs and Project Runway just gets in my head and stays there, making the urges that much stronger. But they are SO expensive! Even antique and vintage ones are way more than I want to spend. BUT I found this tutorial from Etsy labs. And was insta-inspired. So this weekend I set out to make my own. Observe Fig. 1 below:

Not a vision of perfection. But i'm pretty damn happy with it. Annnnd it's exactly my measurements, so no more guess work and figuring out the math when i'm drafting patterns!

The body form is cast in duct tape just as described in the tutorial. And used a recycled coffee can to give some structure to the neck.

I bought a 1" dowel rod from a hardware store to use as the stand, but you could use the wood shaft of a broom or mop too.

The wheely stand bottom I constructed out of the wood planks from some cheap wall hook fixtures that i bought at the dollar store for 1 buck. I removed the hooks and use the holes that were pre-driven to screw together the pieces and form a cross. i also magically found 4 wheels with appropriate hardware to screw into the bottom of the stand at the same dollar store, also for $1. I used a 1" drill bit and electric drill to make a hole in the center of the cross stand and filled the hole with wood glue. Fit the dowel into the hole and secured it with some L braces I had around the apartment. i probably did the whole thing for around $40. Score!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

GG recap! Episode 2

Umm, yeah. It will be my life's work to recreate this dress:

i was literally speechless over it's magnificence for the entirety of the remaining minutes of the show.

p.s. blair totes gets the better shiz to wear on that show than serena..sorry S, your clothes have been kind lame lately.

...and the whole duchess beaton as nate's hookup ho. Barf! she sucks. but how perfectly timed up was the santo gold song playing while B catches them? ahh, video editing bliss. josh're my hero.

i found the very dress!! and shooooocker is marc by marc jacobs! available at Neiman Marcus, on sale for $150 marked down from $450. i still think i will make my own for wayy less.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Antique Flea Markets.

NYC is good for many many things...though among them, is not antique stores. Ya know, the huge antique flea market type deals they have all over the south and in weird suburbs, tucked away in corners, filled to the brim with relics of the past? We just don't have those here. And i'm totally in hot pursuit of an antique, wrought-iron bed such as this one! It makes me beyond sad that one of these amazing pieces from yesteryear is tucked away in one of those huge antique shops, marked with some ridiculously low price tag, just out of my reach. So i ask you (those living in the reasonably close by northeast)...if while perusing your favorite huge antique store and you see one....can ya just let me know? It may just warrant a road trip!


Ok, so I'm reaching out to all my lovely readers because you all have such impeccable taste and..
a) because i know we are all the same and scour the internet for the most desirable things to own on a daily basis
b) because i know i've seen plenty 'o' awesome things on all your blogs that i would l-o-v-e to have myself, so i trust that we all drool over the same adorable things

i need your help! i'm working on pulling together my staff picks for the dec/jan gift guide in Bust and want your opinions. what are you totally lusting over for this holiday season? Post links to the most amazing things you're obsessing over in the comments. Clothes, shoes, household items, accessories, gifty little items, anything you can think of....thanks lovelies!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mad Men!!

Ok, so part of the reason I have been very much absent from my blogging is not my fault. Mad Med has totally and completely claimed my life! I can't get enoooooough! It's like..cocaine. I've spent the last 2 weeks literally catching up on season 1 via and now i am totes caught up. Is it sad that I won't stop..? I mean, I haven't watched all the episodes from season 2. Eeeek! It's like a sickness. I am weak. But for realz..the clothes are siiiiiick. I mean, come on!

1. SO jells of these women that they get to wear these incredible vintage fashions every day!

2. what did they call a girl crush in the 60's? umm, joanie..please marry me?

p.s. why am i totally and completetely in love with this man:

i have always been oddly attracted to john slattery. and now that he's on this show, and i have to see him everyday (no joke, every day.) I am totally and completely enamored with why i am infatuated with him! he has white hair for god sakes! and he was born in 1962, which makes him, what, 46? he could be my effing be my father! but i am not ashamed to say i am IN LOVE with him. whyyyyyyyyyy?

johny: if you're reading this (which you're not), please let me have your babies.

New Stuff that's Old!

This rainy, rainy day finally allowed me to put up some of the 3293205932-5 lovely things I rescued from my grandma's attic in my store. I so wish that I had what it takes to wear all these fancy topper hats from the 40's. I did however, keep a couple for myself. But there are far too many gems to not share with the world. This stuff is in crazy good condition too...suuuuch a pity it took me until now to rescue them!

p.s. those fancy gloves i was talking about a while back are up in the store now too!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Are you there shoes? It's me, Tara.

i look a little sad and reflective here but i assure you that i am not.
maybe i am just looking downwards to the center of the universe, aka, my new Faryl Robins. So many heartz. Jealous huh???
Too bad that they are slowly, day by day, tearing ,my poor little feet to shreds. But i. will. not. abandon. them.

GG recap!

omgomgomg! i can't believe it's taken me till now to post about the season premiere of Gossip Girl!! seriously, that show makes me giddy like a school girl. i think i just love living vicariously through them. i guess that's kind of the point, right? but for realz..."i am a lord." i couldn't stop friggin sayin it allllll night ahahahahahaha. it looks like it's gonna get all crazy next episode with the duchess and all the that shiz, which will probs be ridiculous, but i don't care. nothing can keep me from that show! ok..some more thoughts from the evening...

1. of all that is good and holy...i don't think i live another day without this bathing suit!

2. so glad to see my girl blair rides her bike in dresses just like me! (even if it is with douche-bag beaton)

3. why i ask you did it take this long to get chuck in a fedora??? Lord help me..i can't take the hotness.

4. and this is where i die. at this, i am totally speechless. blair, please be my friend, pleeeease.

7 days of darkness.

whaaaaaaaat??? it's been 7 (or 8?) days since i've posted!! eeeek. i've been really naughty. but ya know what? i'm really sick of the constant apologizing, and promising to be better, and then never getting better and then starting over again. so for those who are actually still readin' this thing..thanks for stickin' around! and i assure you i'm not dead. i have a big ole long queue of posts to come...

annnd...what's been occupying me has been very very exciting, but not ready to be revealed yet...but soooooooon...

p.s. this is what i wore like 10 million days ago.

dress: vintage (stella dallas, brooklyn)
shoes: uo
purse: vintage (grandma's attic)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


omgomgomgomg 5 dayyyyyyyyys!!!