Tuesday, September 16, 2008

GG recap! Episode 3

Ok, wow. Of course my anticipation for last night's episode was EPIC. Some thoughts..

1. this whole story line..SNORE. when is this horrible woman getting kicked to the curb? i can't stand the whole thing. nate as a gigolobitch? me no think so.

2. Even a high Chuck is a sexy Chuck.

3. oh chuck, please do this to me over and over and over? Preferably wearing that headband! Blair how could you resist him??

4. Well, i guess you couldn't. But guys, Chuck's REAL British accent was spoken!! Instant panty remover if you ask me. How could you want anything else after this?? Douchebag Beaton ruined the moment. DAMN him! I thought i was gonna get to see Chuck naked.

Ok, i've reached unhealthy limits of insanity.


Rosaline said...

I wanted to dislike him at first, but I find Marcus kind of attractive.

Also, what was with the overdone elevator scene with Dan/Serena? Couldn't they have at least thought of a semi-original situation to place them in?

Alyssa said...

I am so glad I found a fashion blog, that also talks about Gossip Girl, plus, I really dig your style.
It's a win win.

Chuck Bass is so sexy.
Chuck + Blair = best couple.

Plus, I so hate the whole milf/ lord story line. I want them both gone!