Tuesday, September 23, 2008

GG from last night..

ok, for realz guys. what IS the uniform at this god-forsaken upper eastside school? does it consist of ANY white shirt, ANY black OR plaid skirt, and ANY tie or something resembling a tie around your neck in ANY fashion you prefer? i mean, just sayin.

and i stay true to my previous statement: blair consistently blows serena out of the water with her school (and otherwise) attire. i mean, can we all just observe this in all it's glory:

p.s. i was reading some shitty article in people about the wardrobe closet on set and i almost fell off my elyptical at the gym. serena has worn a pair of Ferragamo boots that were $65,000 on the show and at any given moment there are 200 headbands to top of blair's look! and that's just the tip of the extremely high-end fashion icerberg. at that, i am speechless.


Evie said...

I was wondering the same thing when watching on Monday. I mean, the guys don't really change it up at all. But none of the girls wear anything that could be considered "uniform." And, yes, Blair has THE BEST clothes!

Anonymous said...

hello economy?

maybe they could feed some small countries with those boots. or how bout all the people that cant feed their kids or give them proper health care? hmmm. responsibility anyone?

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm not sure about uniforms in schools in that area, but where I grew up the uniforms were white shirts, a plaid short skirt (or long, depending on what you wanted) and tie. And docks. But still, they didn't look nearly as nice as these ones, and really weren't allowed to be NEAR that short!

Sigh. Her legs are amazing.

What gets me, is how old they look. Obviously not highschool age but yet that's what they're portraying.

Hailey @ stylesymmetry.com said...

Now that they are seniors I think they don't have to wear the uniform os something.....

melly said...

Yeah i was perplexed by the uniforms too. Even Little J's uniform is different this season.

I have no idea how the show has so much money. Or how it even works. Goodness!