Friday, September 5, 2008

Are you there shoes? It's me, Tara.

i look a little sad and reflective here but i assure you that i am not.
maybe i am just looking downwards to the center of the universe, aka, my new Faryl Robins. So many heartz. Jealous huh???
Too bad that they are slowly, day by day, tearing ,my poor little feet to shreds. But i. will. not. abandon. them.


Gabby said...

Definitely jealous! Those shoes are great, too bad they hurt :(

Effie said...

hey lady, I bought you a dress today - I hope it's going to fit! It's realllllll cute - tan, 60's school girl mod, peter pan collar, long sleeves, little pockets - measurements and pictures in an email will be coming your way soooon!