Sunday, September 14, 2008

Stick Figure.

Feeling very accomplished guys..
I have ALWAYS wanted a dress form for forevs and Project Runway just gets in my head and stays there, making the urges that much stronger. But they are SO expensive! Even antique and vintage ones are way more than I want to spend. BUT I found this tutorial from Etsy labs. And was insta-inspired. So this weekend I set out to make my own. Observe Fig. 1 below:

Not a vision of perfection. But i'm pretty damn happy with it. Annnnd it's exactly my measurements, so no more guess work and figuring out the math when i'm drafting patterns!

The body form is cast in duct tape just as described in the tutorial. And used a recycled coffee can to give some structure to the neck.

I bought a 1" dowel rod from a hardware store to use as the stand, but you could use the wood shaft of a broom or mop too.

The wheely stand bottom I constructed out of the wood planks from some cheap wall hook fixtures that i bought at the dollar store for 1 buck. I removed the hooks and use the holes that were pre-driven to screw together the pieces and form a cross. i also magically found 4 wheels with appropriate hardware to screw into the bottom of the stand at the same dollar store, also for $1. I used a 1" drill bit and electric drill to make a hole in the center of the cross stand and filled the hole with wood glue. Fit the dowel into the hole and secured it with some L braces I had around the apartment. i probably did the whole thing for around $40. Score!


Anastasia said...

how fab!!! I have wanted a dummy for forever too but they were always too big here too small there...
this kinda solves all that.

you have me inspired! getting around to actually doing it is a whollllle other story though :)

Sally Jane said...

Damn, girl! Color me impressed. I, too, have long coveted a dress form (preferably a lovely vintage one) but have never found one to call my own. Next time I'm feeling extra industrial I may have to try this. Thanks!