Friday, September 5, 2008

GG recap!

omgomgomg! i can't believe it's taken me till now to post about the season premiere of Gossip Girl!! seriously, that show makes me giddy like a school girl. i think i just love living vicariously through them. i guess that's kind of the point, right? but for realz..."i am a lord." i couldn't stop friggin sayin it allllll night ahahahahahaha. it looks like it's gonna get all crazy next episode with the duchess and all the that shiz, which will probs be ridiculous, but i don't care. nothing can keep me from that show! ok..some more thoughts from the evening...

1. of all that is good and holy...i don't think i live another day without this bathing suit!

2. so glad to see my girl blair rides her bike in dresses just like me! (even if it is with douche-bag beaton)

3. why i ask you did it take this long to get chuck in a fedora??? Lord help me..i can't take the hotness.

4. and this is where i die. at this, i am totally speechless. blair, please be my friend, pleeeease.


Evie said...

Yes! That bathing suit is tops. I MUST HAVE IT!

melly said...

In that first episode, Chuck was in this mint green suit, AHHHHH! That killed me, i'm been thinking of making a life-size standee of him.

Sara said...
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