Tuesday, September 9, 2008

GG recap! Episode 2

Umm, yeah. It will be my life's work to recreate this dress:

i was literally speechless over it's magnificence for the entirety of the remaining minutes of the show.

p.s. blair totes gets the better shiz to wear on that show than serena..sorry S, your clothes have been kind lame lately.

...and the whole duchess beaton as nate's hookup ho. Barf! she sucks. but how perfectly timed up was the santo gold song playing while B catches them? ahh, video editing bliss. josh schwartz...you're my hero.

i found the very dress!! and shooooocker is marc by marc jacobs! available at Neiman Marcus, on sale for $150 marked down from $450. i still think i will make my own for wayy less.


Gabby said...

I adore that dress. I saw it on ebay yesterday, and I think it was even cheaper than $150!

crispybenfranklin said...

Wow, that dress is pretty gorgeous.

Rosaline said...

Another blogger and I had a conversation about this and noted that all it would take was a highwaisted reddish-orange skirt and a short white vest.

Something like this and this. Switch the buttons out for contrasting ones and tie a white scarf in a loose bow. Viola!

porter hovey said...

Gossip Girl is just too good! Is it Monday yet??

Natalie said...

i want all of blair's clothes. now.

La Clocharde said...

Hahaha, you're right...Blair is definitely wearing the good stuff this season.
I loved that dress too, by the way. Hope you can make the look (and show it here so we can all see it).

jessica said...

there's a copy of this dress for about $50 at modcloth if you're interested! :)



Hannah said...

That dress is amazing! Forever21 had a cheaper-looking version of it available awhile back. And this post shows a couple versions of the same Marc Jacobs dress.