Monday, September 15, 2008

mamma mia!

ok. not the best movie i've ever seen in my life. pierce brosnan needs to stick to 007. for realz.


i fell. in. love. with the interiors and greek architecture and textiles and oh the views. the most ridiculously beautiful views. most that very theatre for which i watched said movie...began my love affair with that BEDSPREAD. it's been weighing on my mind like an old boyfriend. i want. i NEED to have it.

all it is really is redwork on muslin. does anyone live in greece and see these type of tapestries and textiles in the markets? i would imagine these type of textiles would turn up in middle eastern countries or mexico or somewhere so much cooler than damn america.

as if i didn't want to go to greece badly enough as it is...i feel summoned to go forth and find this bedspread....wherever it lives.

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Anonymous said...

oh boy, I have looked, nay, scoured the Interweb in hopes of finding it. I thought it was Moroccan, because of the gazelles, then Scandinavian. Now I am clueless. But I want it. Badly.