Saturday, October 4, 2008

My Boyfriend.

So i've been away for wayyy too long. i know. And i have so many TV moments to catch up on (including GG of course!). Which pretty much sums up what i've been doing with my life lately...all my fall shows are back on and i'm in a total tizzy. lame, i know. but true. As to not pretend this is a TV blog (cause it's not!) here's a quick round-up, with notes of course:

Sundays are for Brothers & Sisters and Mad Men, of course! Thank God for DVR! I literally almost DIED at the end of last episode of Mad Men! SPOILER ALERT--what the HELL is my boyfriend Roger, the silver fox, doing? His heart belongs to JOAN!!

Mondays are for um, Gossip Girl, duh. Which, by the way, is getting crazy in EPIC porportions. Favorite moment for last episode? Hearing the words "Charlie Trout." I almost peepeed in my panties!!! hahaha. And umm, on that note. Can we just for one second talk about this:

um, O-face.

Tuesdays are for catching up on Californication, which I have to watch online, since I don't have Showtime. David Duchovony is a total sex freak..but i'm totally charmed by him in some sick twisted way. But my FAVE part of the show? This girl who plays his daughter on the show:

I can only WISH that I was as cool at her age.

Wednesdays are for Project Runway and Pushing Daisies. Two words: Kenley cracked.

Her last creation? Truuuuuuly heinous. I'm now pulling for Jerell. Although, in brighter news, I would like to elect Chuck from Pushing Daisies as the cuuuuuuuutest girl on the planet:

i mean, c'mon. you know you agree!

Thursdays are for Grey's Anatomy, which quite frankly has become a snoozefest. I fear for it, i really do. I'll keep watchin' though. Cause i'm that loyal.

Fridays and Saturdays are for going out. I'm not THAT lame guys. Ok, enough about TV.

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Heather said...

I love Chuck!
I think I may be her for Halloween. Give myself an excuse to be over the top adorable!