Wednesday, March 19, 2008

fair-feather friend

i've recently found myself obsessed with feathers, buying up whatever i can get my hands on with reckless abandon. it's nothing short of a miracle that i even managed to get myself out of bed yesterday, let alone dressed, having spent 4 crazy days in austin partying myself silly. but even amongst all the festivities and goings on, i couldn't let the shopaholic inside me go through withdrawal, so i managed to squeeze a few good thrifting hours out of the trip. Amongst the goods I scored, was this amazing feather necklace (although it's admittedly not thrifted, as much as i wish i could say it was). Aren't they like the most beautiful feathers you ever saw? Swoon.

feather necklace: urban outfitters
blouse: f21 (looks pretty vintage though right?)
skirt: h&m
shoes: the new love of my life

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