Tuesday, March 25, 2008

happy late easter!

dress: thrifted
belt: thrifted
tights: no idea
shoes: aldo

i haven't posted for a few days because of easer...happy, happy by the way! no matter what your thoughts are on a holiday to celebrate a guy who rose from the dead and ascended into heaven, what could be better than a morning where guaranteed candy is waiting for you, in pretty baskets, as soon as you wake up? and it doesn't matter that i've completely outgrown the holiday, i still get just as excited as when i was 2. you're as old as you feel, right? well, moreover, i also love the wonderous, and often hideous beauty of easter sunday attire. big hats, matching mother-daughter outfits, and boys in ill-fitting suits. i'm always tempted to bring my camera to church to document the goodness, but I reluctantly leave it home, to save face. But attending easter sunday mass, is just a little more entertaining than usual because of the madness. i splurged on these pretty little things (shoes) just before the big day, and couldn't wait to don them. i can't think of a better occasion.

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