Monday, July 28, 2008

Tara (dactyl)

i couldn't help but post this. i was in rochester a couple weekends ago, visiting the remaining friends who still live there from college days. i stayed at the infamous house my bff adam is renting for the summer (the party house in college), think hardcore shows in the basement/kegs in the back yard/girls puking in the toilet/floors you would never dream of taking your shoes off on. many a crazy night went down in that house in college and every corner is nostalgic in some way. when we woke up saturday morning..this crazy, ridiculous, enormous, hysterical plastic dinosaur "thing" was in the living room. it was NOT there when we went to bed friday night. and there was no one else staying in the house. i don't reeeeally want to think about how it got there for fear that it would make the fact that it was, less funny. because it was outrageously funny.

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