Wednesday, May 21, 2008

cold feet

alright, already! i've had quite enough of this cold, wet, rainy weather for the endo of May! Cut us a damn break mother nature!!! i'm starting to fear global-colding. But more than the cold, wet, rainy weather, i'm sick of cold, wet feet. Screw trying to walk around in this mess with cute, peep-toe sling-backs. forget it. but more than cold, wet feet, i'm sick of slushing around in the disgusting grime on the street and in the subway with bare toes. i can't even bring myself to think about what filth i'm wading through. so...i bought these guys. though the rain boots with floral patterns and other eccentric decoration are cute on others, they just aren't my cup 'o tea. and these weren't on the lower end of the spectrum in matters of price, but they are really well-made and figured they'll last forever.

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