Monday, May 19, 2008

leather is better.

so i've been riding my bike to work lately (yay for warm weather!), and sometimes i need to bring stuff with me that warrants a bigger carrying device than my little purse, aka, my laptop or different shoes to change into once i get to work. in an effort to NOT have to add any additional biking paraphernalia , i.e. baskets, etc., i decided to start wearing a backpack. let me first start by saying that i i haven't worn a backpack since 6th grade i think. even in high school, i always carried a messenger bag or tote. but those types of bags make for unsatisfactory riding conditions, as they tend to fall forward and either throw me off balance, get stuck in the wheels, get knocked around between my knees, or all of the above. but when i asked callie, our office manager and the gal in charge of all the product request at BUST, if we had any backpacks around the office (yay for free stuff) she gave me a Jansport. Now, in junior high, I remember Jansport bags being the epitome of cool. but i have to be honest and say that now, at 24, i feel kind of douchy wearing it. And on top of feeling like i'm a pre-pubescent teen...lisa and i went to the opening the NY Photo festival i Dumbo, which was packed, and ii hazard a guess that i knocked one too many cocktails out of people's hands while i was trying to squeeze by with my bundle. it really felt like i had a second person on my back and i couldn't help but feel like everyone was looking at me thinking, who's the weirdo with the backpack. i don't know, maybe i'm over-reacting, but it moved me to look for a, say, more sophisticated backpack and settled on this vintage, leather one on ebay. if i have to carry things on my back, maybe i can do it with a bit more style ?


Effie said...

my boyfriend has been looking for a bag like this for a long, long time!! this is b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l !! i'm curious how much it sold for - these things are hard to come by!

xo, tara said...

thanks effie! isn't it? i'm excited to get it in the mail! i bought this guy for only $16! what a steal! there were a couple others that i was considering..i'll try to see if i can find 'em again for your bf.