Wednesday, May 21, 2008

in my pants

i've been a bit remiss about posting outfit shots as of late. i blame it on poor weather and the fact that all i can muster wearing is sweatpants. however, i have been wearing clothes, i assure you. a while back, i posted about struggling with pants, and i have to admit, i still kind of am. i really hate wearing jeans, but cold weather + a lack of shaving = the need to cover said unshaven and cold legs with some sort of garment. i do own several pairs of jeans, so i decided to give them a whirl again. i called upon the adorable bobonaiaa of flickr awesomeness to inspire me, cause let's face it, she can do no wrong. i'm channeling her incredible style sense, at least trying to.

blouse: vintage
sweater vest: h&m
jeans: bdg
shoes: wanted
headband: f21
bag: vintage


Sam said...

Well, you did it good. You really look cute and I adore your outfit. And I must say that I also hate jeans. Rarely I wear jeans and if I do, it's because of the same reason you do haha.

xo, tara said...

thanks sam!