Thursday, April 24, 2008

baby bomber

dress: thrifted
belt and tights: xhilaration for target
granny boots: thrifted via ebay
bomber jacket: h&m

scarf: thrifted
gray tank: target
skirt: for the republic (got it at a marshall's)
tights: no clue
boots: my most favorite coveted recent ebay aquisition
feathers: uo
bomber jacket: h&m

i've kind of been living in this bomber jacket lately, and i kind of am a little in love with it in general. the spring has crept right up on me, and so warmer weather warrants lighter apparel. so this jacket is just the ticket. it's so light-weight, its a barely there kind of cover-up and as a reaction to the warmer weather, i've been riding the ole bike to work everyday (yes, inappropriately in skirts and dresses! not so inconspicuously either) it's nice to have just a little something (to break the wind if you will), but not so much that i arrive to the office with pit stains. annnnd, it's got cropped sleeves so it's a not so jackety kind of jacket. plus, i really love the color. it's so matchable and quite seemingly goes with just about everything!

p.s. though i adore the warm spring sun on my shoulders...lord knows i've been waiting, i just can't seem to let go of my tights. i'm just not there yet.


Stephanie said...

Cute outfit, and yes I'll definitely add you!

The Clothes Horse said...

I'm quite eager to give up my tights for the season, unfortunately now it has begun to storm here!

Jello on Springs said...

what a cute jacket, i need to get more spring jackets for this crazy transitional weather we've been having.