Thursday, April 10, 2008

spring has most certainly sprung!

hark! i can no longer say that its notquitespringyet weather, because, though i retardedly rolled out of my house today in a wool coat and scarf, it was 70 degrees in ny! (yes, kids it's true.) i can hardly believe it myself, but i can't begin to express how good it felt to feel warm sun on my shoulders. a woman who rents some space in the back of our office, walked across the brooklyn bridge and got effing scorched with sun burn, crispy i tell you! it was ridic. anywho, those flower blossoms have for certain..blossomed and for that, i have found a new wonderous picture snapping environment to explore. hooray for that! and while i'm at it, hooray for such a dope (yes, i said dope) roof terrace with a pretty splash of nature for which a neighbor so nicely provides us with. i'm getting hungry right now just thinking about bbq season! but looking at it now, i (quite guiltfully) realize that this entire outfit is from forever 21, save for the boots, which are Bronx. Yikes! i'm an addict. But who can blame a girl for devouring really cheap, chic, ripoff clothing? Those who have never bought a single item there, and walked away with that happy yellow bag, feeling great about how little money you just spent can cast the first stone. I thought the blouse had great, unique details and though i don't often wear jeans, i had been wanting a pair of great high-waisted ones and these have a little stretch in them, so they fit me perfectly (after cutting and hemming about 1 foot off the bottom of course), and they're so comfortable. although, they don't seem as high-waisted as they actually are in this picture.

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Ranna said...

I love those pants on you!
They look so feminine and elegant paired with that cute blouse. :)