Wednesday, April 2, 2008

i <3 Jeffrey Campbell

a few days ago, i was at liebemarlene's impossibly chic blog and saw this. it was the shoes i was most drawn to, though, i have to admit i considered buying the same marc jacobs knock-off dress at forevs 21! in reading some of the comments she got, one girl mentioned her love for Jeffrey Campbell (drool!) and i couldn't agree more. I think i can say for certain that he's my favorite shoe designer by far for 3 reasons:
1) his shoes are really well-made, you can tell buy looking at them (and the price proves it).
2) i was reading a bio about him and his company is totally family owned and operated, even his brother and 2 daughters are in on it!
3) i'm a sucker for heels and his are surprisingly comfortable and not too high, which for me is huge, since i spend many a hour counting out the days until i will inevitably have to have foot surgery for not listening to the foot doctor who's told me over and over to wear good shoes and put orthotic insoles in them (yeah right!)

JC doesn't have a website yet (apparently is slated to launch in june), but until then, i recommend david z for a large selection of this brand. and for those unfortunate soles who don't have the luxury of just walking into one in nyc, you're in luck. they do have a website!


Elissa said...

I'm with ya girl!!! LOOOVE me some Jeffrey Campbell. And, if I could see myself wearing the shoes more than once (thereby justifying the cost) I would love to wear some irregular choice shoes.

Ash1314 said...

yep.........JC is my fave brand...decently priced well made shoes....hmm wonder if it was me that made that comment on her log! lol...