Wednesday, April 16, 2008

feeling stumpy (and grumpy)

dress: delia's via buffalo exchange
scarf: street vendor
jacket: h&m
socks: f21
granny boots: vintage

can i first start off by saying...i hate that i look so gosh darn stumpy! ok there. i got it out. but really, couldn't i be just a few inches taller? i so envy all the lovely bloggers who are tall. secondly, i came home late from work (deadline is killer!) to find a strange chewing/rattling noise coming from under my sewing station. i've been battling mice in my apt for some time now, so i assumed it was that, but when the noise continued for 20 more minutes, my gut told me that whatever it was, it was causing a lot of damage to whatever it had gotten into so i preceded to move things around under there until i found the source. low and behold! it was a tiny little mouse...with a mouse trap stuck to it. and i say stuck to it, not stuck in it, because the trap had been on the opposite side of the room so that only meant that that little sucker dragged that thing all the way across the room, managed to squeeze behind a bunch of stuff and was trying to wiggle out of it by chewing and gnawing at everything in sight. i'm really a humane person and i'm not one for animal cruelty, but that was the saddest little display and the most infuriating thing to come home to. and to top it off, my roommate is watching ratatouille in the other room, and it's just too darn ironic.

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