Sunday, April 6, 2008

cherry blossom season

i feel almost ridiculous reposting these pictures because something about the cherry blossom girl has everyone totally smitten. me included. and i'm positive anyone reading this has already seen them. but i just couldn't help myself. not because she's totally adorable and totally inspirational, but it was the environment she's in that had me at hello. i mean, gosh, leave it to her to put me in my place. but it's really motivating me to step up my picture-taking game (if you will) and start thinking more creatively about what's around me when i'm snapping photos. the boring white walls of my bedroom just don't cut it when you compare them to this. she could be wearing a black plastic bag tied with shoelaces and this picture would still be enchanting! (not that she would!) although, it is a little bit of a pipe dream either way, because we just don't have this kind of beauty in brooklyn. sigh.

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Alix said...

Ho thanks ! that's really sweet !

I read that you'r working for bust magazine, I love this magazine ! ( and it's not only because of the fashion bloggers article)