Monday, April 7, 2008

has spring sprung?

most definitely not. have you ever seen trees more bleak looking? i tried to explore madison sq. park to dig up some natural beauty, but to no avail. it was freezing today in new york, and far from spring like. but i love love love this new bag that i found at a super-duper awesome vintage store i discovered in Brooklyn, Stella Dallas. and i think i can say without doubt that it's my favorite new item! that tassle is so unique. i also got this belt there a few weeks ago and couldn't figure out the right outfit to wear it with, but i love that it reminds me of my grandmas couch (in a good way). i wish i could shed a few pounds so it didn't squeeze me so tightly...a girl can wish right?

dress: american apparel
long-sleeve tee: next level
belt: vintage
boots: vintage

on another and slightly sillier note..while i was in the park, i came across these very playful (and apparently horny) squirrels that had me totally fascinated. and funny enough, as i was snapping these pictures another park-goer caught me and said, "they're trying to have a private moment." haha. i guess it's mating season. ow ow!


highwaisted said...

love love love that purse!

xo, tara said...

highwaisted: thanks!! i adore it myself: )