Tuesday, April 15, 2008

my absence + the parental unit

first off, let me apologize for being absent from the blogosphere for a few days. a) i'm on deadline at work and totally crazed and b) the parental unit came to visit this weekend and stayed an extra day yesterday so i was out of commission temporarily, partly due to the fact that i was busy having fun with them and also, that my mom has become addicted to re-doing her living room furniture and was on my laptop every spare minute shopping online at Ikea. Who can blame her? I'm a sucker for cheap, swedish furniture myself. anyway, i'm back in action.
today was an unusual day in that the weather had me all confused. i wanted to dress light because the sun was out and sneakily had me convinced it was warm. but it wasn't. it was only something like 55 degrees or so. so i wanted to layer up, but my lack of cute spring jackets had me kind of in a tizzy (which of course led to a strong, uncontrollable urge to scour h&m afterwork for some)! but i think i went a little too far with the layering, because my office is a sauna and i sweat all day. but it was nice, at the very least, to see the sunshine. and according to weather.com, we're in for a very lovely week.

jumper: monteau
long-sleeve tee and scarf: h&m
leggings: f21
boots: thrifted via ebay
necklaces: thrifted

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